Mission Statement

Salon Gotham is a collective of art enthusiasts and artists in their 20’s and 30’s who, through a diverse group of programs support and nurture the emerging artists’ community of NYC. Our core objective is to make it easier for young talented people to make a living as an artist. We create a network for them and provide free services that would otherwise be offered by dealers and managers.  Salon Gotham creates a fun, social space for us to pool our resources and come up with creative and batty ways to support the young emerging artists community.  Our members are not necessarily from art backgrounds, they don’t necessarily have the funds to be regular at auctions but we are wildly passionate about art and feel a responsibility to keep art central to New York, accessible to the masses and most importantly a responsibility to support our creative minds who keep it in our lives. That’s all we are. Through a series of fresh and inventive programs we do our part to make the incredibly grueling   life of being an artist in New York a little easier and a little less isolated.

While supporting our artists is our core purpose, we are also a social collective. We work hard and play hard for the artists we love. Our fundraising efforts are centered around our parties and year round activities, as a group we organize, participate in and attend the wonderfully eclectic art events in New York. Our mission is not only to contribute to the work process of artists but create a fun and less intimidating way for young patrons to experience the art community of New York.




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