Following in the tradition of established “young patron” art groups, Salon Gotham Members are between the ages of 21 and 40. While we require no art education, career history or background of any kind all we require is a genuine and proven passion for art and artists. We all love free wine at gallery receptions but that doesn’t make you an art lover. We are looking for men and women who are deeply interested and immensely committed to the art world of New York. While we intend to create as much fun as humanly possible, at the end of the day we’re here to put in some elbow grease for art.

We would ideally like to keep the head count between 25 and 35 members.

Our collective is broken up into six general groups. While we all contribute to all six parts (as well as the administration of the collective itself), each group will have a committee that is at the forefront of everything that goes on. For example, the Gotham Network committee will have their own set of responsibilities and be responsible for distributing Gotham Network duties among the larger group, etc. We will do our best to match members with committees where they are not only the biggest asset but where they will have the most fun and rewarding experience.

Our Program Committees

Emerging Nest Egg Committee

  • Seek out and explore opportunities that funds can be raised for
  • Keep a current and updated roster of Residency Programs in NYC and abroad. Have several Residency Applications on steady file
  • Soliciting and securing non-event donations
  • Properly allocate our fundraising efforts to ensure that we reach our goals for each event
  • Reach out to and establish relationships with art professionals, invite them out to our events

Gotham Emerging Network

  • Manage the outreach to young artists and create a platform for them them to receive our services
  • Develop a database of New York City dealers, art advisers and independent curators and maintain communication
  • Keep a current and updated roster of grants and contests for artists to participate in and have current applications on file
  • Develop activities and assign members to skill specific work (web development, promotional materials, etc.)

Team Volunteering Committee

  • Develop a master list of New York city organization and programs that may be of interest to Salon Gotham members
  • Reach out to organizations and introduce Salon Gotham to volunteer organizers
  • Develop and maintain a volunteer calender to ensure all members are actively signed up and participating.
  • Act as liaison between volunteer program directors and Salon Gotham members

Salon Fundraisers 

  • Sourcing and Securing Donated Venues
  • Create relationships with venues, stores and other businesses to partner with for events
  • Properly allocate our fundraising efforts to ensure that we reach our goals for each event
  • Soliciting Donations and Sponsors
  • Overseeing Publicity and Social Media Outreach 

The Salon Gotham Blog.

  • Create the Editorial Calendar
  • Produce a constant stream of fresh content
  • Seek out Stories/Interviews
  • Maintain updated resources for artists

If you are interested in becoming a member of Salon Gotham please fill out the membership form here 


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