Our Programs and Objectives


Gotham Emerging Network

We work all year long to provide a variety of  services to artists who are currently unrepresented by a gallery. Salon Gotham is on hand to create space for young artists to get free support and resources that would otherwise come from a dealer or a manager. We use our own personal set of skills to provide services including but not limited to…networking with dealers and independent curators on behalf of the artists, provide promotional and PR services to directly attract potential buyers, provide free business services such as website development, assist with the application process for grants, contests and residencies

  • Promotional and PR Support. We find creative ways to publicize artists work year round. Creating catalogs and brochures for curators, promoting shows and outreach to media.
  • Online Presence Development. We help artists manage their social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Vine, and LinkedIn etc.) as well as assisting with website / blog development.
  • Industry Networking. We maintain communication with industry professionals on behalf of the artists and at several points throughout the year hold small meet and greets where we invite independent curators, consultants and fans to meet the artists.
  • Grant and Contest Support. In addition to keeping a current database of all applicable grants and contests taking place we will have several opportunities posted for eligible artists to win small prizes to cover the entry and application fees.
  • Finding Affordable Insurance and Health Options. We work with artists to find the most affordable options for freelancers/artists healthcare and get artists on the path to be able to insure their work.
  • Resource Collection. Salon Gotham will occasionally setup up shop at Recess Activities – our Salon Setups –  to create an organized time and place where artists can come, meet us, pick up information and applications, use our computers to research and fill out online applications, collect donated supplies, etc.

Emerging Nest Egg

Our Emerging Nest Egg Program is our financial aid program. The main objective is to financially assist emerging artist with specific needs toward the advancement of their careers. We work with artists to find  work spaces, appropriate contests and grant programs to participate in, supplies and materials, then we then devise strategies to make them more affordable. While main objective of the Nest Egg is to financially assist artists with renting work studios the funds also go toward tools and supplies to outfit the studio and other regular artist expenses. Over the course of the Salon Gotham calendar year we develop contests and audition events where artist can apply for a specific prize. We organize regular fundraising social events to build a Nest Egg from which prizes are distributed.

Where The Money Goes

Salon Gotham regularly holds a fundraising event, each fundraising event has a specific goal in mind and is presented to the emerging artist community as an opportunity to win. New opportunities for the attainment of financial aid are presented as opportunities arise. Each fundraising event comes with its own specific purpose. For example Salon Gotham may host a Guest Bartending night (where members bartend with a partnering bar for tips) to raise funds for the Application Fee for the Dave Brown Semiannual Competition (where there is a non-refundable entry fee for up to $90 to submit 12 images for review). Artist will submit to win the Dave Brown Entry Fee Prize for that month. In general, all fundraising efforts go toward the following categories…

  • The Rental of studio space acquired independently by artists
  • Tools and Supplies
  • Professional Materials (Business Cards, Brochures, Web Needs)
  • Entry fees for residency programs and contests
  • Residency program tuition

Example Fundraising Efforts

Gotham Bright Nights

Salon Gotham Auctions

Wrap Icons

Holiday gift wrapping at participating arts, crafts and bookstores for tips

Guest Bartender Nights

Team Volunteering

One of the chief objectives of Salon Gotham is to not only reach artists directly but to strengthen the cultural community of New York as a whole. There already exists in New York such a large and diversified artists community; hundreds of groups and organizations that support the arts on grand and small scales. A part of the philosophy of Salon Gotham is that in order for all of these programs to be successful in their objectives we are most effective when we work collectively. Salon Gotham members volunteer as a group with existing art programs and nonprofits. We want to show a group presence to support creative causes we’re passionate about. It is crucial to the collective that we volunteer with art organizations that are already in place in New York to support the work they do. 

The Salon Gotham Blog. Our completely down to earth art blog. This blog will be for your everyday art lover and for emerging artists. We write reviews of gallery shows, museum exhibitions, performances, editorials and anything else visual we are motivated by. We will also use the blog to get vital information to the young artists of NYC.



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